Art Jumble revamp

This is not new, but I haven't blogged about it so here it goes:
The brief history in Art Jumble designs
(I couldn't find a screen shot of what AJ looked like when we first started it (from Week 1-7), but I'll keep searching for it though.)
(First design > 8-28-2006)
The first design of Art Jumble was a very dark green color, as in you were posting images and text on a dark background with white text. It was truly very boring, bland, and looked like any other blog. It was hard of the eyes too.

(Redesign #1 > date: 10-22-2006)
Redesign #1 was much needed and was created for Week 8 of Art Jumble. This design or lack there of really set the tone of AJ as it looks today. Posting on white was a cleaner look (and easier to read obviously) also to make it more fun looking, a doodle was created by Gary Ham and AT-Eagle font headers were created. We stayed with this design until mid-2007.

(Redesign #2 > created: 6-18-2007)
Redesign #2 made the blog wider to give it some breathing room. I even experimented having a 3 column layout for a couple of days (no one liked that though, ha). A Flash top banner was introduced with this design, showing a blue character Greg Ham created called Arthur (anyone who's been with AJ for a while knows who I'm talking about). The basics of Redesign #1 followed through, just with a little more dynamics. This design stuck for a while though only adjusting the side column information at most.

(Redesign #3 > date: 2-9-2009)
Redesign #3 was updated earlier this year. Again with the dynamics of Flash, I souped up the header to have three modules - Artist spotlight, Submit a Topic, and introduced comic jumble (a Flash comic reader). Hopefully it looks a little better and people like it. Overall, Art Jumble started with less than 10 folks that all worked at the same place of employment, since then AJ has grown to have over 350+ members from people all over the world. AJ hosts some great posts, artists, illustrators, and designers. For all those involved in posting show some amazing skills. I'm thrilled to have been involved with AJ from the very beginning - I hope people share the same love I have for community blogs. Thanks for reading - now visit and be amazed:

Booty sauce!

Molly (my daughter - 2.5) out of the blue said booty sauce and she thought it was hilarious - it was so funny! I know she knows what a booty is and what a sauce is - but the fact that she put the words together and knew that it sounded funny is awesome. Apparently, it's her way of saying bullshit, ha.
(Source: Urban dictionary)

New look...

Well, I'm working on a new look and it's under construction for the most part. But please stay tuned, I got some neat things planned. Also, I've used this blog primarily in the past as an illustration blog - but now I'm going to be using it as a news / design / family / photo / illustration / thought blog (an everything blog or in short, just a normal blog, ha). Plus I promise to post to it more, when I have time and all. K, stay tuned...